Is Christianity incompatible with Science?

Evolution is a confusing concept, partly because it has at least 5 meanings, but not only that, teachers and professors will teach it like it has already been proven and teach certain things as actual facts rather than theories and assumptions.

There is not a single concrete evidence for macro-evolution, which teaches that a species can eventually become a new species, for example: a fish can become a reptile. But many friends in college who were biology majors, believed it to be true.

According to Dr. Lennox, the basic confusion of evolution is not knowing this: evolution can only happen after life has begun and that it doesn’t explain the origin of life. Science still doesn’t know the cause for the origin of life.

For evolution and the atheistic worldview to be true, matter must have to be able to bring life, and life must be able to cause itself to be more complex (molecules becoming cells which becomes larger and larger)

Additionally, the theory of Big Bang does not conflict with Christianity, but the conflict is on how life began and how human life began. Christians believe that God created life.

Aren’t there many Scientific errors in the Bible?:Dr. Lennox: the Bible has been accused of factual error, but many accusations have been disproven the more scientists and archaeologists discover scientific and historical facts. There are discoveries of historical figures only before known through the Bible, and the belief of the beginning of the universe was rejected by atheist scientists because they thought it supported Genesis 1 saying ,”In the beginning God created...” until physics determined that there must be a beginning.


Come up with the most difficult objections that people might make against Christianity, but this time make a simple google search to see if you can find the answer to the objections. If you find them, share it with the youth on Friday, if you couldn‘t, tell us so that we can discuss it together.