Biblical Thinking 5: Four reasons why you should look at Christianity First

When you’re seriously looking to find the truth, here are four reasons why you should look at Christianity First (by Craig H. Hazen)

1. Christianity is testable: A lot of religions are not testable, i.e. Mormonism, Hinduism, etc

2. In Christianity, salvation is a free gift from God: You do not need to pay a lot of money or try to earn salvation.

3. In Christianity, you get an amazing worldview fit:If reality is a tabletop and the various worldviews are puzzle pieces, the one that fits the tabletop of reality is a good argument to stand with.

Buddhism’s puzzle pieces says that there is no good and evil; their worldview cannot answer the question, “Then is the holocaust not evil?”

‣ Only until the 20th century that science figured out that the universe had a beginning, but Christian theologians asserted it from the beginning.

‣ Mormonism believes that there was no beginning, that a god created a god who created a god and so on: infinite regress is logically improbable!

4. In Christianity, Jesus is at the center

‣ If you are a genuine seeker, you must seek the center piece of history. No one was more influential than Jesus, and all major religions intersect with Jesus. Christianity cannot work without Jesus.

Here is additional material by Ravi Zacharias (with Korean subtitles to watch with your parents)

Discussion: Compile what you learned and come up with a simple and coherent way to share it with an unbeliever who is interested in trying out religion.