Biblical Thinking 4: How can we use Art for God?

There are many in our Youth Group who love art in one way or another. Art can be drawing, painting, and design, but it can also be music, dancing, photography, videography, and even food!

Perhaps you were given the gift of creativity, but you don’t think you can make a living with it, so you simply ignore it or push it off to the side, and focus on the things that can “really make you successful” like medical school, computer science, engineering, etc.

However, you were given that gift so that you can use it to glorify God, to bless everyone around you, And enjoy yourself while doing so!

I have been blessed by the performances before worship by our youth to raise funds to build a school in the mission field! This is exactly how the arts can be used for God! Your talents can be used to reach more people than any professor with a Ph.D can, you speak the language that penetrates through all language barriers which is the heart language of all mankind. Your gift of creativity is powerful and it can be used for amazing things, don’t let the world define for you what is useful and what is not!

Questions to consider:

  1. What gifts do you have that you’ve been ignoring and how can you use that for God’s glory?

  2. What is something that you enjoy doing and how can you use that to bless those around you?

  3. Share with pastor Jooch how you think you can use your gift for God!