6/21 Gospel Project-Kids

  1. Praise and Worship

2. Listen to the Word of God

3. Family Talk

1) Where has the lame man put his hope in until he met Jesus?

: The man had suffered for 38years because of his disease. He might have tried all things he could do, but could not be healed. So he put his final hope in his belief that he might be healed, if he can be the first one who went into the water when it moved. When Jesus asked him whether he wanted to be well, the man said he cannot go into the water because no one helps him. He had put his hope in wrong place, not the source of life and healing, but the myth.

38년된 병자는 38년간 병으로 고통받으며 그가 해볼 있는 모든 것을 해보았을것입니다. 하지만 아무것도 되지 않자 그는 베데스다 못을 천사가 움직일때 처음 들어가면 낫는다는 소문에 그의 소망을 두게됩니다. 전능하신 하나님이신 예수님이 그에게 낫고자하느냐 물었을 조차도 그는 “그를 아무도 못에 넣어주지 않아서 낫지 못했다”고 말합니다. 그는 그의 소망을 생명의 근원이신 예수님이 아닌 다른 것에 두었습니다.

2) How was the lame man healed?

Jesus healed Him with His own Word “Stand up. Pick up your mat and walk.”

and he was immediately healed and walked. 예수님은 그를 못에 넣어주심으로 그의 잘못된 소망을 성취해주신것이 아닌, 그의 말씀만으로 병을 고치셨습니다.

3) Where do we have to put our hope?

talk with your kids about where have we put our hope in so far and where we have to put our hope.아이와 함께 우리는 그동안 어디에 우리의 소망을 두고 살아왔는지에대해 나누어보고 우리가 어디에 우리의 소망을 두어야할지 이야기해보세요

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