(2020. 07. 12) The Cost of Discipleship - Luke 14:25-33

Youth family talk:

1. What would church look like if people based everything from the bible?

First think about what things that we assume to be an obvious part of church might not be a part of this imaginary church? Perhaps they wouldn’t consider it obvious to only meet on Fridays and Sundays. Perhaps the adults, youth, and children wouldn’t meet separately. Perhaps, there wouldn’t think they needed a church building but simply met in a home. Secondly think about what they would be doing that we are not doing. Base your answers on bible verses and share it with us on our prayer meeting!

2. What's the difference between a Christian who dies for Christ and a Christian who is afraid to die at all?

It’s not only that one is braver than the other, but that one is filled with the Holy Spirit and the other is not. Two people can be Christians, but one can barely make in into heaven with a singed behind while another receives a great reward (1 Corinthians 3:10-14). When a believer lives a life not filled with the Holy Spirit, it means that he is ignoring the Spirit by allowing the things of the world to distract him and letting the business of the life on earth to be the priority over the will of God.

You are given the courage and the power to live a live of a disciple when you are filled with the Holy Spirit. Start first by praying and asking to be filled like the disciples did after Jesus ascended, then the Holy Spirit will equip you and empower you to lay down your idols by having faith there is is greater pleasure to be had without it. Seek him daily, ask for him daily, knock on the door daily for filling of the Holy Spirit.

3. Why do so many people struggle to give up worldly things to follow Christ (like the young rich ruler)?

Because they choose to see with their physical eyes rather than the eyes of faith. If you look at the world with eyes of faith, you see that all your idols are worthless compared to the reward in heaven. Just like the man who sold all his possessions to buy the field where he found the treasure, the gospel is so much more valuable than our games, our entertainment, our money, our friends, our family, and our very lives. See with the eyes of faith that games are not just innocent games if it distracts you from God, it is the tool of the devil. See with the eyes of faith that dramas are not just innocent entertainment if it takes time away from your time with Go, it is the trojan horse of the devil. See with the eyes of faith that your friends are not your friends is they are influencing you to sin, they are the enemies of your soul. Let’s see everything in our homes, our schools, our devices, and our minds with the eyes of faith as if we had put on night vision goggles!

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