(2020. 06. 21. Sunday) Jesus the Servant - Jesus Heals a Man at Bethesda

Youth family talk:

1. Why is it important to emphasize that grace comes before obedience?

If you do not understand grace before you try to obey, you will have no motivation to do so, other than the fear of hell. This will only tire you out and even lead you to hate God for ‘forcing you‘ to obey.

Once we experience grace, we are able to obey with joy because we are able to trust that he commands us because he loves us, not because he is a strict and bossy God.

2. What characteristics of the disabled man do we see in ourselves?

There is no difference between the disabled man and us before our faith in Christ. We are equally lost and helpless without Jesus.

3. How do you need to get up and walk in faith and obedience to Jesus Christ?

You May discuss this with your family and keep each other accountable.