(2020. 06. 13 Sunday) - Youth Group - Jesus Heals a Woman and Raises a Girl - Mark 5:21-43


Family Talk:

1. What do you hope to happen in your life? Make a list and answer how you would respond if each failed. Be as honest as you can.

2. The gospels are like a news report of Jesus’s life, reflect honestly if you’ve believed it genuinely as a true record.

If you reflect on your beliefs and though processes, you may observe that you think differently at church and at school. Do you believe the same things when you’re in school as you confess in church? Or do you doubt more when you’re in school?

Are you able to confess to your friends or teachers that you believe the stories in the Bible actually happened as it’s recorded? That Jesus is actually God?

3. Many traveled long distances to see Jesus because they believed report about him. How far are you willing to go to meet Jesus?

What if you had to travel long distances or sacrifice greatly to become a Christian? Would you do those things? What Costs would not be worth it? Do you know you are called to great sacrifices? Jesus calls all disciples to carry the cross daily.