(2020. 05. 03 - Sunday) Gospel Project for Youth

Family Talk Youth 1. Do you believe most churches and youth groups focus on the same aim as Jesus? Why or why not?

Write your answers down/discuss with your family, and share it with Pastor Jooch!

2. What are some challenges we face in sharing Jesus’ message with others?

There are some obvious ones, like our internal struggle: being shy, scared, nervous, lazy, and not knowing what to say. There are external struggles: social-distancing, rejection, and atheism. The devil will also do all he can to stop us from sharing Jesus’ message.

However, the timid disciples of Jesus were able to speak Jesus’ message after the ascension even after the religious leaders beat them and threatened them never to speak of Jesus again. This was because they were filled with the Holy Spirit and believed it to be a great honor to be able to suffer for Jesus.

3. What prevents some people from deciding to follow Jesus today?

There can be intellectual reasons for not following Jesus, for example, the belief in evolution over creation. However, people are much less influenced by intellectual arguments and evidences than they think. Most people do not follow Jesus because of emotional reasons like being hurt by someone in the church, having very strict and legalistic parents, and etc. or they are simply “too busy” to think about important things. They are working nonstop, trying to build their own kingdom, or doing what the world tells them is important, so that they are too busy to even think about God.