(2020. 04. 26 Sunday) Gospel Project for Youth - John Points to Jesus

Family Talk:

1. Why is it necessary for people to be broken and humbled in order for God to work through them?

Read Psalm 51, this brokenness of David is the first step of understanding our sinfulness and the great mercy of God. Unless we have experienced his amazing grace, not much will motivate us to serve him.

2. What are some areas where you could decrease to make more of Jesus in your own life? Why will this increase your joy?

For me, I want to think about myself and my own needs less and more about Jesus and his desires. When I am focused on myself, it makes it difficult to think about the needs of others and that includes Jesus. Self-centered thoughts cause me to worry and be greedy, and makes me unable to do God’s ministry.

Also I can spend less time on entertainment and increase my time in prayer. It’s hard to consistently pray without a strict schedule for it, so I will put an alarm at 9 PM in the evening so that I will be held accountable.

3. What are some ways you can intentionally point others to Jesus this week?

Last week in one of our online youth sessions, we learned about [prayer, share, care]. Think of someone who needs the gospel and pray for them, share the gospel with them, and genuinely care for them!

Join our meeting this coming Thursday at 2:30 to learn more about reaching out to your peers using online tools and social media!