(2020. 04. 19) Gospel Project for Youth

Family Talk

1. Read Hebrews 4:15, how is our God different from the other religions?

Other gods require man to try their best to come to them and do not care much about their daily struggles. However, our God lived as a man like us and was tempted like us. He is able to sympathize with our struggles, small and big.

When you feel like you messed up and feel too ashamed to come to God, remember that it was God who first came to you. It was Jesus who first loved the tax collectors, prostitutes, and the leper. We did nothing to deserve his love and nothing can take it away.

2. What is your greatest temptation?

Discuss with your family and try to study the root of this temptation. Pray for one another and discuss how you can be supportive rather than judgmental.

3. Do you struggle alone or is there a tempter? How does this change how we combat temptations?

We have a tempter and we also struggle with our flesh. We should never forget one for the other, if we do, we fall in the danger of blaming all our sins on the devil or being oblivious to spiritual warfare. We must discipline our bodies as an athlete trains his body, continuing to be renewed, but we must also pray to God for protection from temptation and from evil.

Because we are living in the midst of a spiritual war, we cannot hope to win the battles alone. We need the church and the family to fight together through prayer and encouragement. Will you join the effort? We need you!

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