Biblical Thinking 6: What do you mean by that?

Greg Koukl is an apologist and the author of the book “Tactics”, which teaches Christians tactics on how to engage in gospel sharing and conversations. 

In this video, Koukl suggests that the first step is just to engage in conversation. You don’t have to hurry or worry about winning them to Christ at this moment, just talk to them to learn about their perspective. 

If they make a statement about Christianity or anything in the subject, ask the question, “What do you mean by that?” You want to understand the person’s ideas so that you know how to introduce the gospel to them in the future. 

This is helpful because many believers are afraid to share the gospel because of certain objections or rejections from others. However, Koukl’s tactic is for us to have a conversation and to simply get to know the person better. Additionally, this is helpful because it gets the other person thinking deeply about what they believe, sometimes they might find that they have no good reason for not believing in Christianity.

Try messaging one of your friends this week and ask them how they’re doing. Use some of these questions to initiate a spiritual conversation:

  1. What do you think happens after we die?

  2. Do you believe that people have souls?

  3. Do you believe in fate/destiny?

  4. What do you think is our purpose in life?

When they answer these questions, ask them, “What do you mean by that?”

Then you can end the conversation with the question, “Is there anything I can pray for you about?”

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